Blue Light Lenses - Protect Your Eyes with Lenses From VisionPoint

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the highest energy light visible to the human eye. Blue light helps us accurately perceive color, but only a very small amount is needed. Blue light emitted from the sun is also necessary for our biological clock, telling our brains to “wake up” in the morning.

Why Should You Be Aware of Minimizing Your Blue Light Exposure?

Humans are exposed to a certain amount of blue light naturally from the sun, fluorescent lights and electronic devices.

However, excessive amounts of blue light emitted from smartphones and computers can have a serious negative impact on your vision. Overexposure to blue light can result in:

  • disrupted sleep cycles
  • diminished visual performance
  • increased risk for macular degeneration

Who Is At Risk?

In today’s tech-heavy world, the majority of Americans are spending their days in front of a computer or electronic device. Anyone, at any age, who is spending several hours a day looking at an electronic device for work, school, or gaming is highly susceptible to the negative impacts of blue light.

Children are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of blue light because of their undeveloped vision.

What Are the Symptoms?

In the majority of cases, people do not report specific symptoms. They are completely unaware of the cumulative damage to their vision caused by blue light. However, a frequent complaint is difficulty falling asleep.

If you’ve noticed that you or your family members are having increasing difficulty falling asleep at night, blue light reducing lenses may be a great option.

If you suffer from headaches, migraines, eye strain or trouble sleeping, you may benefit from the blue light reducing lenses offered at VisionPoint.

How Blue Light Reducing Lenses Can Help.

Blue light reducing lenses by BluTech are created using a patented pigment that is added directly to the lens before the casting process. That means the blue light reducing material is part of the entire lens material, not just a tint or coating. This patented process allows BluTech lenses to filter a higher amount of both blue light and UV light.

The result is lenses that help protect your vision from the harmful effects of blue light, ease digital eyestrain and reduce glare. An added benefit to reducing your blue light exposure is improved sleep quality. The most common patient response is significant sleep improvement!

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